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Starting: 22nd May - 7th August 2023

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Trader Success Blueprint

Suitable for beginners and traders who need consistency

6 weeks

Data on a Touch Pad

12 x 2hr Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

3 weeks

Day trading for a living. It takes energy, time, practice, focus, discipline and much more

6 x 1hr Q & A and Trade Assessments/Reviews

2 weeks

Stock Market Down

4 x 2hr Intensive Live Market  Trader Training

1 week

Business Meeting

2 x 2hr Trade Business Plan Development

Designed with you in mind, the Trader Success Blueprint is a 90 day course that focuses on a professional approach to day trading, taking you from an absolute beginner to trading competency. The course is put together so that you can gain the confidence and skills to trade with real money.

The foundation of our training is understanding why things happen, where they might happen and when they're happening  in order to find  your edge in the market. 

At the end of the course you will understand how the various participants interact with each other to make price move. You will gain a full understanding of trade location, finding areas to trade from. You will learn how to put together what you've learnt, to form a repeatable process that allows you to easily trade specific strategies that can lead to consistent profits.

Making sure you get the full value from this program is our top  priority so that is why we designed the 90 day Trader Success blueprint in two formats, online and classroom trading sessions.

In this program you will receive  Weekly live online coaching, and live online support in the form of question and answer sessions.


During the 90 days of this Trader Success Blueprint program you will also receive 4 days of classroom live market Intensive trader training at a London location. (Classroom sessions are streamed live online for those who can't attend the physical classroom).

Physical Classroom attendants will get access to, under guidance and strict rules a complimentary live real money Micro account for 3 days, in order to get real money trading experience. Any profits generated over the 3 days is kept by the student.  Students who display a good level of understanding and trade management during the 3 days of live trading will continue to trade the real accounts under guidance, for a further 2 months. (Subject to trading within the rules).

*The next 90 Day Trader Success Blueprint Coaching Course starts on Monday 22nd May 2023 and lasts for 12 weeks.

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