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Day trading for a living. It takes energy, time, practice, focus, discipline and much more

Ultimate Trading Mastery 12-MonthTraining

Personal tailored 12-month coaching programme with 3 month Weekly coaching and further 9 months training and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.

Fast Track Your Skill Development With The 12 Month Ultimate Trading Mastery Trader Training  

This 12 month trader training will especially suit hard working, ambitious traders who wish trading to become a career.


For those who are dedicated and willing to  put in the necessary effort to gain the rewards,  the Ultimate Trading Mastery Training is a 12 month trader skill development Programme that focuses on a professional approach to day trading, taking you from any level to trading competency. From beginner to live trading mastery.


The foundation of our training is understanding why things happen, where they might happen and when they're happening  in order to find  your edge in the market. 

At the end of the course you will understand how the various participants interact with each other to make price move. You will gain a full understanding of market context through the lens of Order Flow.


You will learn how to utilize order flow information; using Market Profile, Footprint charts and the Price Ladder to put together a repeatable process that allows you to easily trade specific strategies that lead to higher levels of trading mastery with consistent achievable outcomes. 


For further updates and details about this course  fill out the application form and we will contact you about the next steps.

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