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Identifying Liquidation Scalp Trade Opportunities
Using Footprint Charts

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Date: Wednesday April 24th, 2024

Time: 8pm London UK Time (3pm Eastern Time)

Presenter: Calvin Harris,

Founder: Success Futures

Liquidation events are very quick moves that have great profit potential. Attendees will gain an understanding of how liquidation events unfold and their potential impact on short-term trading opportunities.

You will get a  walkthrough of how footprint charts provide a granular view of market order flow, allowing traders to  spot potential liquidation trade entry and exit points well before the actual event.

In This Session, These Key Highlights: Will Be Discussed 

Understanding Liquidation Scalping: Explore the concept of liquidation scalp trading and how it presents unique opportunities for short-term traders.

Spotting Liquidation Signals: Learn how to identify liquidation signals on Footprint Charts, recognizing key patterns and indicators that indicate potential scalp opportunities.

Risk Management Strategies: Discover effective risk management strategies tailored for liquidation scalp trading, ensuring that participants can maximize profits while minimizing potential losses.

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