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-How To Trade It -
Trader Transformation Programme

2 Month TraderTraining  

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Next Available Training Date: Monday 15th April - Friday 7th June 2024
Learn To Trade

4 weeks

3 x 2hr Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

 4 weeks

2 x 1hr Weekly Group Mentoring and Trade Assessments/Reviews

This comprehensive and intuitive 2 month trader training is the flagship and most popular of our -How To Trade It Series- Designed to be both accessible and effective, this course is created to bring about transformation for traders across all skill levels, catering to both beginners an advanced traders.


Whatever your level, embark on a transformative journey through the financial markets with our Trader Transformation Programme. Over two intensive months, you'll dive deep into the world of trading, using advanced tools such as Order Flow Analysis, Volume Profile, Price Ladder, and Footprint Charts to unlock your full potential and refine your trading skills.


While many traders concentrate on predicting the market's direction, understanding how to effectively trade it proves more effective than merely anticipating its future movement.

The foundation of our training is understanding why things happen, where they might happen and when they're happening  in order to find  your edge in the market. 

Course Highlights:

  1. Mastering Order Flow Analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Order Flow, uncovering the dynamics of supply and demand in real-time. Learn how to interpret order book data and use it to make precise trading decisions.

  2. Unlocking Volume Profile: Harness the power of Volume Profile analysis to identify key support and resistance levels, market acceptance zones, and high-probability trade setups. Utilize this tool to enhance your trading strategy.

  3. Navigating the Price Ladder: Explore the intricacies of the Price Ladder, a tool that provides granular insights into market depth and order execution. Learn to read market sentiment and execute trades with precision.

  4. Footprint Charts for Insight: Dive into Footprint Charts, which offer a unique perspective on market activity by visualizing the order flow and trade execution at each price level. Discover how to spot significant order imbalances and trading opportunities.

Risk Management Excellence:

Develop a disciplined approach to risk management, using your newfound insights from Order Flow, Volume Profile, Price Ladder, and Footprint Charts to protect your capital and maximize returns.

In this program you will receive  Weekly live online coaching, and live online support in the form of group mentoring question and answer sessions, and individual trade analysis.

By the end of the Trader Transformation Workshop, you'll be equipped with the expertise to utilize Order Flow, Volume Profile, Price Ladder, and Footprint Charts effectively in your trading. Not only will you possess the skills to navigate the markets with precision, but you'll also undergo a personal transformation that positions you for sustained success. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your trading skills and redefine your financial future. Enroll today and embark on the path to becoming a more proficient and profitable trader.


Don't hesitate to begin your journey towards trading mastery. Book a free 15-minute consultation today to enroll in the Trader Success Blueprint Course and take your trading skills to the next level.

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